Out of Pocket: A Comprehensive Mobile Threat Assessment

1 min read

In a recent analysis of mobile apps, FireEye discovered vast vulnerabilities in thousands of the most popular downloads. This in-depth report reveals that Android malware is growing more pervasive, and iOS devices are also increasingly at risk.

Based on analysis of seven million mobile apps on both Android and iOS platforms from January to October 2014, our researchers discovered a 500% increase in the number of mobile malware designed to steal financial data. Researchers reviewed popular apps with more than 50,000 downloads to assess their exposure to a common vulnerability, and found that 31% of them were exposed to it. Of those, 18% were in sensitive categories including finance, medical, communication, shopping, health, and productivity.

Download this report to:

  • Discover several aspects of key threats, covering targeted malware, adware and non-malicious apps with serious vulnerabilities
  • Learn why malicious Android apps are more prevalent than Apple malware
  • Understand why attackers have discovered a new delivery channel for iOS malware
  • Find out how benign apps, written by legitimate coders, are insecure
  • Learn the steps security leaders can take to make these devices more secure

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