SYNful Knock: A Cisco implant

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Cyber attackers are becoming more sophisticated. They are not just looking for quick, easy access to a network; they are alert to opportunities for long-term gain. And they’re exploring new vectors to achieve that goal. Case in point: the latest compromise known as SYNful Knock.

Security experts at Mandiant, a FireEye company, have confirmed at least 14 incidents worldwide of this malicious router compromise.

The highly sophisticated SYNful Knock is a stealth modification of a router’s firmware image that can have an ongoing impact on your business. It gives attackers an entry point to establish a foothold and compromise other hosts and critical data.

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  • How SYNful Knock works
  • How it impacts your network
  • How to hunt for and remediate an attack
  • How this new discovery opens up concerns for the future

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