Optimize Your Workflows with the Mandiant Advantage Threat Intelligence Browser Plug-in

TJ Alldridge, Megan DeBlois
Jan 31, 2023
3 min read
|   Last updated: Feb 17, 2023
Threat Intelligence

It’s a Tuesday morning and you are reading through infosec social media channels and hitting up your favorite threat intel research sites. You come upon a CVE that you are unfamiliar with. Normally, you would jump over to the web and search for the CVE or open up your preferred security product to understand if it is something serious your organization should care about. Is it being actively exploited by bad actors? Are there publicly published exploits? What is the risk to my organization?

What if you could see all of this and more without leaving the web page? 

The Mandiant Advantage Threat Intelligence Browser Plug-in overlays threat intelligence in your browser so you can quickly learn more about a vulnerability, indicator, malware or even threat actor. It highlights threat intelligence context so you can dig deeper, fast. Learn more with quick pivots into Mandiant Advantage Threat Intelligence to kick off an investigation and prioritize new threats you come across.

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The Browser Plug-in provides industry-leading threat intelligence to organizations of all sizes. Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) analysts at every level can gain value from the actionable intelligence provided directly in the browser and improve efficiency within existing workflows.  

View the Internet through the eyes of Mandiant, either related to threats during your research or when investigating  alerts in your SIEM—all from within your browser. Types of threat intelligence context you can glean with the Mandiant Threat Intelligence Browser Plug-in include: 

  • Indicator Confidence Score: Highlights indicators make it easy to gain Mandiant context on top of your web-based SIEM or when reading blogs and research. Additionally, Mandiant provides a score denoting Mandiant's confidence in the maliciousness of an indicator. The score helps an analyst prioritize and focus on indicators that are more likely associated with a bad actor.
  • Vulnerabilities: Highlights vulnerability page summaries help analysts quickly identify the risk a particular CVE poses to their organization, whether the vulnerability is actively being exploited by a threat actor, or if there is already a public exploit available.
  • Threat Actors and Malware: Highlights threat actors and malware families provide more Mandiant expertise at your fingertips. Memorizing APT and UNC names can become a thing of the past, with threat actors and malware families automatically highlighted with our Mandiant expertise layered on top. Easily pivot from the Plug-in into the Mandiant Threat Intelligence for deeper investigation.
  • News Summary and Analysis: The team of Mandiant Threat Intelligence experts also provide analysis of news related to different artifacts you come across in your research. 

The Threat Intelligence Browser Plug-in will reduce the time spent searching, researching, and verifying malicious indicators so you can gain fast threat intel context about a threat actor, malware, or vulnerability within your existing workflow. 

To add Mandiant Threat Intelligence to your existing workflow, register for a free Mandiant Advantage Threat Intelligence subscription and add the Plug-in to your Chrome or Firefox or Edge browser.