Finance Industry Leader Hardens Security with AI and Automation

Kyriba enhances and streamlines event monitoring and triage with Mandiant Automated Defense

Kyriba’s financial industry clients are among the most risk-averse, security-conscious and heavily regulated companies in the world. Kyriba therefore prioritizes state-of-the-art security tools and practices to protect its offerings. The company maintains a robust suite of intrusion detection and antivirus systems as well as a team of trained security analysts who monitor system dashboards around the clock for significant events.

However, the volume of security event data logged by Kyriba’s security software poses significant challenges to the company’s security professionals. Data feeds into Kyriba’s Splunk’s log management tool at the rate of 28 billion events every 90 days. While it is critical to continually monitor this torrent of data, doing so manually can be tedious, demoralizing and costly.

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