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Finance Industry Leader Hardens Security with AI and Automation

Kyriba enhances event monitoring and triage with Mandiant Automated Defense

Financial Services Clients Expect 24x7 Security—at Scale

Kyriba’s clients are among the most risk-averse, security-conscious, and heavily regulated companies in the world, so Kyriba prioritizes state-of-the-art security tools and practices to protect its offerings. The company has a robust suite of intrusion detection, antivirus systems, and security analysts monitoring dashboards around the clock.

  • 24/7 protection for the most risk-averse, security-conscious, regulated companies
  • 28B data feeds into Kyriba’s Splunk’s log management tool every 3 months
  • Prioritize analysts from chasing false positive to focus on high-value security projects


Automated Event Monitoring and Triage for 28 billion events every 90 days

The sheer volume of security event data logged by Kyriba’s security software poses significant challenges to the company’s security professionals. Data feeds into Kyriba’s Splunk’s log management tool at the rate of 28 billion events every 90 days. While it is critical to continually monitor this torrent of data, doing so manually can be tedious, demoralizing, and costly. 

Mandiant Automated Defense integrates with Kyriba’s end-to-end security architecture and uses AI and machine learning to assess the data aggregated by the company’s security platform. It helps screen out non-critical events while revealing those that matter. This enhances the security team’s capacity to monitor and triage events and reduces the time they spend investigating false positives.

“With Mandiant Automated Defense, we’re confident that we’re catching critical events. It’s a huge morale boost because we know it has our back.” 

— Kevin Bailey, Cyber Defense Security Director, Kyriba


Improved Security Capabilities Without Adding Excessive Overhead

Mandiant Automated Defense leverages automation and machine learning, making it cost-efficient. The pre-built data science models have helped Kyriba reduce time and resources spent on security engineering that were once used to write rules and maintain their SIEM. This frees up technical resources and positions Kyriba to bolster its security capabilities while maintaining the operational efficiencies which is a source of pride for Kyriba’s security team. It helps the security team protect the company’s bottom line, even during periods of rapid corporate expansion and growth. 

“Cyber security is of absolute importance to our clients. Proving that we conform to strict security standards is something we take very seriously.” 

— Eric Adams, Chief Information Security Officer, Kyriba


Ready for Today’s Threats While Also Preparing for Tomorrow’s 

Mandiant Automated Defense enhances Kyriba’s monitoring and triage capacity, enabling Kyriba to protect customer, partner, and employee data more effectively—as well as its own intellectual property. High fidelity results from Mandiant Automated Defense allow Kyriba analysts to spend less time chasing false positives. And with automated security event monitoring, their analysts are free to focus on more high-value security projects. 

With Mandiant, Kyriba:

  • Improved efficiency, effectiveness of security processes 
  • Reduced risk that critical security events could be overlooked 
  • Freed security analysts to focus on tier 3 support, engineering projects
  • Increased security team morale, reducing staff turnover

Mandiant also improves Kyriba’s ability to study and understand new and evolving threats. This ensures Kyriba is equipped to not only protect its platforms and customers today, but also to improve its security commitment, competencies, and leadership well into the future. 

“Mandiant Automated Defense is a gamechanger. It doesn’t just deliver alerts. It delivers high-fidelity alerts—and it is continually learning.” 

— Eric Adams, Chief Information Security Officer, Kyriba

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