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Next-Gen Managed Services Provider Increases Efficiency and Effectiveness

CyberPeak Levels Up with Mandiant Automated Defense


Managed Services to Help Meet Security Needs

To navigate the quickly-evolving cyber security threat landscape, corporations need access to highly specialized experts and technology. CyberPeak gave businesses an alternative through a managed services partnership.

  • 4x reduction: On opened and fixed tickets for one client from previous vendor
  • Strategy Optimization: Effectiveness and resilience of clients’ cybersecurity strategies
  • Improved ROI: Maximizes efficiencies to meet client’s budget requirements


Engaging the needed resources can be difficult, costly, distracting 

Even under this model, Cyberpeak might be competing with other security companies—or even their clients—for talent and resources. To effectively serve and grow their client base, they needed to find tools and processes that would enable them to delivery high quality cyber security services at a competitive price. 


Automated intelligence enhances expert cyber security capabilities 

CyberPeak uses Mandiant Automated Defense to enhance its cyber security capabilities with cutting-edge event monitoring. By automating event detection, CyberPeak can operate cost-efficiently and maximize cyber security ROI for their clients. 

Mandiant Threat Intelligence further extends CyberPeak’s internal security operations center (SOC) capabilities. It gives their professionals access to threat data and insights compiled by Mandiant’s global security and intelligence teams. “With Mandiant Threat Intelligence, we’re partnered with an organization that is out there on the front lines of some of the biggest breaches on the market,” notes Travis Abrams, Founder and Principal, CyberPeak. “When we get threat intelligence from Mandiant, we know it is backed by solid, relevant data.”

“In one client’s environment alone, Mandiant Automated Detection parsed over 104,000 events during a single 5-6 hour period.”

—Travis Abrams, Founder and Principal, CyberPeak


CyberPeak positioned to transform the managed services industry

CyberPeak has established a next-generation standard for affordable managed cyber security services. By implementing best-of-breed cyber security tools, the company can confidently deliver Tier 1 cybersecurity resources to its clients as needed. 

Strategically automating processes allows CyberPeak to open more tickets and fix more issues in less time. “One client told us we opened more tickets and fixed more issues in three months than their previous security people were able to handle in a year,” Abrams says. As a result, CyberPeak can perform more testing and devote more resources to optimizing clients’ environments, enabling year-over-year improvements to clients’ cyber security programs.
The artificial intelligence (AI) functionality of Mandiant Automated Defense enables CyberPeak to separate true threats from background noise more quickly and effectively, ensuring stronger protections for its clients’ data and IT environments. 

“Thanks to Mandiant Automated Defense, when a client asks us how many Tier 1 analysts we have, my answer is ‘as many as you need.’”

—Travis Abrams, Founder and Principal, CyberPeak


CyberPeak is a next-generation managed services provider. Its team of certified security experts helps clients plan, build, and implement cyber security solutions by leveraging industry best practices and proven methodologies. These experts help ensure security systems are properly configured while driving operational efficiency.

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