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Automated Defense

Mandiant expertise automated to augment the SOC as a virtual analyst. 100% of events investigated at machine speed, scale and consistency - all in the context of Mandiant’s frontline intelligence.

Automation of Mandiant expertise as a virtual extension of your security operations

Dramatically enhance your SOC’s capabilities with automation that gives you Mandiant expertise as a virtual extension of your team.  Mandiant Automated Defense embeds Mandiant know-how into its software, enabling security teams to diagnose situations faster, more accurately and with less waste due to benign indicators or false positive alerts.  Security teams get an early knowledge advantage over attackers through automated modules that identify critical IOCs from Mandiant’s active breaches and expert alert investigative analysis to remediate potential incidents quickly.

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Active Breach & Intel Monitoring 

Rapidly identify IOCs from active breaches and targeted attacks in your environment to reduce threat actor dwell time and lessen the impact of targeted attacks.  

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Alert Investigation & Prioritization

Automatically investigates and prioritizes the flood of security alerts, reducing false positives and enabling your team to focus on the cases that matter.

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Response & Remediation

Automate response actions through endpoint technologies and SOAR platforms to contain systems and prevent the spread of infections.   

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Mandiant Investigative Expertise In SaaS

Mandiant Advantage Automated Defense automatically prioritizes and investigates the flood of threat intelligence feeds and security alerts so your team can focus on potential incident cases that matter.  Through pre-built data science models and intelligent algorithms created by Mandiant experts and enriched with the latest threat intelligence from the Mandiant Intel Grid, your team performs more effectively and efficiently by preserving analyst time, reducing costly security engineering and enhancing your detection and response capabilities.

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The Impact of XDR on the Modern SOC

In this report, ESG explores SOC challenges associated with traditional technology and the requirements that XDR needs to deliver. Learn more about what your peers are thinking and how XDR can change the game for your security team.

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Getting Started

Improve security efficiency and reduce business risk with automated alert triage, investigation and prioritization. Contact us for a demo today.

Integrated Reasoning – How Automated Defense Makes Decisions

Learn how Automated Defense uses data science and security expertise to emulate the decision- making of skilled security analysts.

Components and Architecture of Automated Defense

Learn how Mandiant Automated Defense augments your Security Operations Center in our latest white paper.


Download Financial Industry Leader Case Study

Finance Industry Leader Hardens Security with AI and Automation

Reduced High Data Volume

Kyriba’s security team was responsible for monitoring over 300 million events per day -- a costly endeavor. 

Automated Alert Monitoring and Triage

Pre-built data science models helped Kyriba reduce time and resources spent on alert monitoring and triage. 


Kyriba improved security operations efficiency and effectiveness.