Managed Defense for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Fortify your Defender for Endpoint with 24/7 MDR from Mandiant

You've got the technology, now add unparalleled expertise and intelligence

Security leaders leveraging managed detection and response (MDR) with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint can rest easy knowing their security is enhanced and protected by an unparalleled partnership with Mandiant. 

Mandiant analysts, cyber threat hunters and incident responders augment your team 24/7 to monitor your Microsoft Defender for Endpoint environment, as well as investigate and respond to the most important events.

Our Managed Defense service delivers unrivalled clarity for your security team with nation-grade threat intelligence, enabling you to make more-informed decisions to elevate your security. 

Tap into advanced security capabilities with Microsoft + Mandiant

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Augment your defense

Cyber security leaders responsible for managing and mitigating IT security threats can join forces with Mandiant for 24/7 protection, comprehensive response, and nation-grade threat intelligence.

By augmenting your security team with Managed Defense, you’ll receive help from Mandiant experts in leveraging your existing Microsoft Defender tools and providing the intelligence you need to understand the threats that matter. Our team will prioritize and investigate alerts, proactively hunt for hidden breaches, contain affected systems, and empower you to respond effectively.

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Hunt across your environment

Pivoting on techniques observed “in the wild” and with world-class threat intelligence, our hunting team delivers expertise to our customers that use Defender for Endpoint. Defender allows our threat hunters to conduct threat hunts across the available Windows environment in seconds. You see exactly what we are hunting and can access intelligence articles in Mandiant Advantage to learn more about threats we have observed and why they’re impactful.

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Benefit from the full force of Mandiant

With 900+ Mandiant analysts and researchers, Managed Defense is more than your day-to-day partner. Collectively, Mandiant works with your team to correlate observed activity and respond appropriately through additional investigation, containment, or remediation.

Quickly connecting the dots from your Microsoft Defender alerts expedites investigation and response to attacks before they impact business operations.

Managed Defense Benefits for Defender Customers

Leverage existing investment

Fortify your existing Microsoft investment with intelligence and expertise.

Know more about attackers

Get immediate access to security operations intelligence aligned to your security team’s needs.

Add dedicated security experts

Supplement your team with Mandiant cyber security professionals who are just a phone call away.

Prioritize alerts with context

Mandiant experts identify, prioritize, and contextualize Defender alerts so you only see what matters.

Accelerate response

Accelerate response through the application of 24x7x365 contextualized intelligence and frontline expertise.

Gain transparency

Stay up to date with full transparency on alert, investigation, hunt mission, and response status.


Managed Detection and Response Powered by Intelligence and Expertise

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