Mandiant Academy™

Course Catalog

Mandiant Academy courses address essential cyber security skills that use free, open-source or existing customer technologies. 

Advanced Acquisition and Testing Techniques Courses

Private Training Courses

Instructor-led courses delivered on-premise or remotely to one dedicated organization (supports up to 20 students). Choose from 30+ courses from our Course Catalog.

On-Demand Training Courses

Interactive, self-paced cyber threat intelligence training for individual security practitioners from the comfort of your home.

ThreatSpace™ Cyber Range

Experiment with real-world attack scenarios to rehearse and refine incident response in a consequence-free environment.

Public Training Courses

Instructor-led courses delivered remotely to individual security practitioners or small groups from various organizations.


Know that your security team can handle whatever comes their way – keeping your business safe and secure in today’s evolving threat landscape.

Learning Pass

Stay ahead of threats through a culture of continuous learning with a Learning Pass for your security team. Provides access to all scheduled Public and On-Demand Training.